dota 2 make me happy

7 Sep

Well, dota 2 was became a popular game for all people, that’s because the graphips are amazing and the way of using the heros not change
and it’s very funny when you play with your friends .

I don’t play with bots anymore. None of us do. Why would we? Online, we can EAT PEOPLE.

Playing Brood Mother on the sorry public servers which Dota 2 inevitably palms us off on is a revelation. Nobody knows how to deal with invisibility. We should know.

But it’s not Brood Mother’s invisibility that makes me love her. It’s her presence, or lack of it.

Once again: Dota 2’s reputation is that of a game where you have to learn more than 400 powers, spread over 108 heroes, who can be transformed with some 130 items. But none of this will help you if you fall to the unholy temptation of following an enemy hero with three per cent of their health into enemy territory, or if you can’t fall into lockstep with your team when they charge forward down a lane, then double back, then dart forward, then snap back.



I wasn’t playing Brood Mother wrong, exactly. I just thought my knack with her was the one and only bullet in my Dota 2 gun. Turns out I was holding a gun and using it like a hammer.

4Valve’s post-launch plans for Dota 2 remain unknown. I’ve a worrying feeling they amount to ‘More hats’.

Times like this, you want to lay your face on your keyboard and email yourself the result.

What you need to do with Brood Mother, really, is send your babies off to die in the wilderness instead of letting them fall to enemy hands. Peeling them away from fights when they get injured. That’s a whole layer of micromanagement that’s almost certainly beyond me.

Brood Mother’s ultimate is, essentially, a detonation device-style thing where I can smash the glass and turn the key when I know the time’s right. It’ll grant me increased survivability during those dark times when I’m expected to be competent.

I couldn’t be more excited. This is just the kind of outside-the-box tactics that might, finally, make me an asset to a team.

…This is all going to go horribly wrong, isn’t it?



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